Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marley & Me by John Grogan

Now, if anyone has ever owned a darling woofy in their lives, they will definitely relate to this book. Every little thing - good and bad - this dog does is wonderfully hilarious and painful at the same time. You'll spend one half of the book thinking that the owners won't come out of this without their arm being dislocated and the other half of it crying with laughter at the antics Marley gets up to John and his wife.

I read this book as a bookring through Bookcrossing.com and loved it right through. Then, I knew what to buy my Mum for Christmas; and then spent a good part of my holidays at the coast listening to her giggle herself silly after lunch while sitting out the front of the annex of our caravan. I loved it that she loved it. And I'm sure you will too.

John Grogan has been a writer for a good part of his life because - he says - he wasn't good at much else all due to everything else at school escaping him. He soon got into the school newspapers and became a journalist. His first full-time writing job was at the 'Herald-Palladium' as a police reporter. Before there was the famed book about Marley, John worked at the 'Florida Sun-Sentinel' and he worked as the editor of Rodale's 'Organic Gardening' Magazine then he jumped back into working for a newspaper at the Philadelphia Inquirer before 'Marley & Me' began winding down from it's first great success in 2007. Then John began writing another book titled 'The Longest Trip' Home which was very close to his heart.

(bibliography: http://www.johngroganbooks.com/about.html)

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