Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Perfect Mess by Eric Abrahamson & David H. Freedman

If you think that life is too hard and you must keep your house neat and tidy, your work station organised to the teeth and your car so clean you can eat off the floor mats, this book is for you! Not only is it okay to be disorganised, but it's not okay to be too disorganised. I know that sounds really confusing; but there's a method to these to mens' madness. If you're too clean, you can get sick when you go visiting to a house that's not so clean and neat as yours. However, if you let your house go to the dogs and you begin hording stuff too much, you can also get sick and lose your way.

But it's not only houses that aren't organised... it's cities and countries too. You wouldn't believe who's not organised in the political world and the reason why it's okay not to make your bed first thing you get up in the morning will make you laugh out loud; but when you think about it, it really does make sense (and I haven't made my bed in ages; only just before I use it at night!).
This book may look and feel like a heavy read, but in truth, it's a light and funny read that will make you look at our lives in a whole different way. When you see another person's house and they're struggling to keep it tidy, it's only because it's how they were brought up. So, don't worry about washing those dishes straight after dinner, leave folding the laundry for another day and go outside and enjoy the garden, read this book and watch that cool dvd you've been meaning to watch. Life is too short to be so organised that all you do is clean your house; and this book proves it beyond a doubt.

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