Monday, May 4, 2009

The Forever King by Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy

Imagine - if you will - that in each generation there was a true leader; pure of heart with a warrior's mind who was born only to rule over the Western Realms? If this were true, his name would be Arthur each time; and his destiny would be to draw a certain sword from a certain stone to become the High King of England and beyond.
Okay, now I've got you thinking about Arthur... bring him into the present day; and into New York City. Young Arthur from the projects is taken by his Aunt and an Englishman to the cold, dark countryside of England in a race against time. You see, Arthur has to do the very thing he did in his past lives and rule as he did eons ago. He must get to the Tor and pull the sword from the stone before it falls into the wrong hands and the future of the world as we know it turns dark forever.

I first read this book a few years ago; but it was my only copy and I loved it. So, I went in search of another copy to turn it into a bookring for Fortune was shining upon me that day I decided to walk in to a Salvation Army store because right there on the shelf was this very book and I took it off the shelf and it soon began its journey around the world to three people who loved it as much as I did. However, the book I sent didn't make the original journey and one of the BookCrossers was very generous and replaced it with another copy with a different cover; how wonderful! I may yet bookring next year after it's spent more time with me.

This book is Book 1 of a trilogy. So, once you've read this one, be on the look out for the other two: 'The Broken Sword' and 'The Third Sword' by the same authors; both are very popular as are the more recent works of Molly Cochran's.

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