Thursday, May 21, 2009

About Time by Jack Finney

This book of twelve short stories is some of Jack Finney's best work. I love the way he turns the ordinary into the sublime through just a paragraph; a sentence, or a turn of phrase. This man is and will always be the one and only for me when it comes to time travel work. There is absolutely no comparison.

I first came across Jack Finney's work when my Mum lent me a book titled 'Time And Again' and for three days, I get didn't look up for so much as anything but food and toilet breaks. I actually fell asleep with the book in my hands each night... which says a lot. This little book of twelve short stories is like a taste of twelve little pies; a snapshot of what this man could be capable of... and more. In my honest opinion, I think this man wrote absolutely classic time travel and sci-fi. He belongs up there with Assimov and Tolkien.

Jack Finney was born on 2nd, October 1911 and he specialised in sci-fi and time travel books and short stories. He wrote 'The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers' and 'Time And Again'; the latter becoming a cult classic around the world. In 1954, his first book - 'Five Against The House' - was published and from there, he wrote more; his most famed and favoured one by millions was - and still is - 'Time And Again' which was published in 1970. Jack wrote a number of books and short stories until 1983 that have been loved by millions of fans all over; with 'The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers' being made into a film. His books are hard to find now; however I have found that 'Time And Again' has had another reprint (on Amazon I think) and the cover looks good! Jack Finney passed away on 14th, November 1995 from pnemonia in Greenbrae, California; survived by his wife, daughter and granddaughter.

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