Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Flies by Bill Cosby

This is a laugh-out-loud account of how Bill Cosby notices little by little his life and his body isn't what it used to be; how age has caught up with him and what his mind is telling his body what it's supposed to do. However, the body - funnily enough - is a truthful vessel that tells him that not everthing he's trying to do is applicable; well, not now anyway. Bill Cosby tells us through brilliant, colourful narrative and stories his athletic years of high school and college.

My Pop owned this book - and two others of Bill Cosby's - and I was lucky enough to inherit them. Whenever I need a good giggle or pick-me-up, I pull one of these off the shelf and read it - absorb it into my soul - because Bill Cosby has been a staple of mine since I was young.

Bill Cosby has a few other books that can make you laugh from the snorting giggles to the laugh-out-loud ('Love and Marriage' and 'Childhood' and long with a few others). Has since written another book that is a non-fiction book that came out last year titled: 'Come On People'. I've read in reviews that the book is read as...'
to tar black communities and the black poor as dysfunctional, chronic whiners, and eternally searching for a government hand-out.' I haven't personally read this book and have found this change of genre interesting for the man who is known to be the man who can make anyone laugh. However, I will definitely be on the look out for other books he'll be penning in the future.

(Bibliography: http://www.alternet.org/columnists/story/65306/)

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